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Nokia Lumia 900 Nokias CES Press Event: Monday at 3 PM Pacific Time (6 PM Eastern Time)

Alright all you Nokia-heads, CES is underway and it's time to get excited for Nokia's press event today at 3 PM Pacific Time. After the exciting releases of the Lumia 800 and 710 this year, big things are expected from this event. Read More »

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Nokia Lumia 700 Engadget Gives Lumia 710 a Positive Review

The fact that Engadget, a popular US tech blog, has given the Nokia Lumia 710 a positive review is a big deal on a couple os levels. First, they've never really been a fan of the Nokia smart phones in the past, generally giving them less than stellar reviews, so this positive feedback means that it truly is a great phone.  Read More »

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Prime VS Prime Hasbro Launches Lawsuit Against ASUS Over Transformer Prime Name

In an exercise in futility, Hasbro has decided to sue ASUS over the name of their new tablet computer, the Transformer Prime. The claim is that there may be some brand confusion based on the name. Yeah, okay, because I might go to a toy store to get my kid an action figure and come home with a tablet instead... Read More »

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ASUS Transformer Prime 1 Eee Pad Transformer Prime Looks Awesome

I'm not one to become a "fan-boy" of any brand because I'm a believer that product quality comes before brand loyalty. However, when it comes to Android, I'm about as close as you can get.  Read More »

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Android Playbook How to Get Android Market and Apps on the Blackberry Playbook

If there is anything RIM has proven to the world over the last few years, it's that they are the champions of being the last ones to market. While the mobile world was getting rid of buttons and moving to touch screens, they were sticking with QWERTY. Read More »

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Aakash Tablet New $35 Tablet Aims to Target a Market of 1 Billion

The iPad is a toy designed for the 1%, the Kindle Fire is designed for the 99% who secretly wish they were the 1%, and now the Datawind Aakash is designed for the forgotten billion person market in India.  Read More »

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Ice Cream Sandwich How to Get Ice Cream Sandwich for Samsung Galaxy S

While Samsung's official statement is that no Galaxy S owners will be getting Ice Cream Sandwich this holiday season, we're just going to give them the finger and get it anyway. Below is a video and a link to step-by-step instructions on how to get ICS for your Samsung Galaxy S. Just call me Santa Claus.  Read More »

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Dec. 21 2011 RIM Market Share RIM no Longer In Motion

Remember when BBM was cool? Remember when every business man worth their salt had a Blackberry attached to their hip? Remember when only the early adopters had touch-screen phones? Yeah, me neither.  Read More »

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