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Lumiaicon 500x356 Verizon is Set to Break Free from Nokias Naming Convention and Release the Nokia Lumia Icon

There have been rumors swirling since even before the Nokia Lumia 1520 launch that Verizon was going to get a more pocketable 5-inch version of the device and call it the Nokia Lumia 929. While the numbering didn't make much sense, it was slightly above the current Verizon flagship, the Lumia 928. Now we know why Verizon's model number system didn't match up with Nokia's - it looks like it's because Verizon is ditching the numbering system completely and simply giving names to devices.
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huawei am24g2 500x258 Huawei Ascend Mate 2 4G is an Android phone and a Phone Charger?

Huawei has officially announced its latest device, the Huawei Ascend Mate 2 4G. While it's not mindblowingly different from the original Ascend Mate, there are a few cool new features worth discussing, including its whopping 4,050 mAh battery that will also allow you to charge other devices from it. Read More »

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att sponsored data 500x220 AT&T Bring Something New to the Wireless Game   Sponsored Data

In today's smartphone world, data usage is on the rise. Combine that with the fact that unlimited data plans are long gone on the two biggest carriers, you end up with the a data-strapped consumer. In fact, according to AT&T themselves, "Read More »

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htccamera 500x346 HTC Made $10 Million USD Last Quarter

The once dominant handset manufacturer HTC has been having a bit of financial trouble in the recent past and has started to restructure operations and change key players at the top. According to the latest numbers, this stragey seems to be working to a degree. HTC has turned a 10 million dollar profit last quarter, and while this seems like great news it was mainly based on its sale of its stake in Beats Audio which netted HTC $85 million dollars. Read More »

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symbian Symbian and MeeGo Store Support Officially Gone

I knew it was coming and yet I was still caught a little off guard when I read that there will officially be no more updates to any apps or games going forward in the Symbian or MeeGo store. Last year, Nokia announced that no new apps would be accepted or updates be able to applied to existing apps, after 31st December 2013. This was confirmed by Nokia's Symbian support team Via Twitter. Read More »

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jolla 2nd confirmation e mail 500x293 Jolla Review and First Impressions

Not too long ago, Jolla launched its first smartphone onto the world stage after over a year of careful planning and crafting their device was finally ready.  I couldn't wait to try one out; fortunately I didn't have to wait long and got a test device directly from Jolla, the company built by former Nokia employees who didn't want to see MeeGo disappear from the face of the Earth. While I didn't enough time with it to do a full on review I will give you a quick hybrid first impression/review. Read More »

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samsung announces 3GB ram units for smartphones 500x253 4GB of RAM Devices Coming from Samsung in 2014?

With everything that we expect our mobile devices to do for us, they are becoming less of a smartphone and more of a computer. One of the biggest keys to keeping these devices zippy isn't the processor - although it is important - it's really the RAM that keeps your device from being slowed down while doing several things at once. Samsung is keenly aware of this issue and has been upping RAM on their devices for a while now, and now there is word that in 2014, they could do it again by shipping devices with 4GB of RAM. Read More »

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rumors are no fun 500x331 Samsung Leaks: Next Gen Galaxy Camera and 8.4 inch Galaxy Tab Pro

Samsung has two tasty leaks out there right now. The first is about the next generation of the Samsung Galaxy Camera line up. The new Samsung EK-GC200 is widely expected to the be the follow up the Galaxy S4 Zoom simply for the fact the it's model number was EK-GC100 and it was described as a “Digital Camera With WIFI 802.11abgn+BT LE4.0+receive+NFC passive." Hopefully Samsung will manage to cut down on some of the camera bulk this time and make it more phone less camera. Read More »

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