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opinion 201x375 Google Opinion Rewards expands Google Play credits program to UK, Canada, and Australia

Google today announced that Google Opinion Rewards, the brief survey app that it launched last year as a US exclusive, is expanding to more countries today. Why should you care about surveys? Well, because answering them leads to rewards that can get you free apps, games, and other content from Google Play. Read More »

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image001 BlackBerry makes it easer to find your friends using BBM

One of the biggest problems with BlackBerry Messenger, aside from convincing friends and family to use the cross-platform messaging client, is the awkward process to connect with others. BlackBerry has announced a fix for that problem by releasing a Find Friends feature for Android and iPhone that makes it easier to link up with other BBM users that you know. Read More »

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minuum Minuum may be the smallest touchscreen keyboard youll use on a smart watch

One of the big selling points of a smart watch is that it's supposed to free you from constantly checking your phone, but many people inevitably have to reach for their phones because they need to respond to the notifications that appear on the watch. Minuum has devised a way to keep a phone in a pocket or purse a little longer because it built a keyboard for the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Look at the video below to see how it operates.

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hangouts widget Hangouts widget shows messages on the home screen

Google wants Hangouts to be the replacement app for text messages on stock Android, but the integrated messaging app doesn’t include a widget to showcase correspondence on the home screen. That has changed with the release of a new unofficial Hangouts Widget that fixes Google’s oversight. For the small portion of Android users that prefer to have their messages appear in widgets, this works with a few shortcomings. Read More »

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allcast AllCast streams your Android content to Apple TV, Xbox, Roku, and DLNA

If you've ever felt the urge to stream video from your smartphone to the TV, there’s a new app for Android that makes it fairly easy to have your local content played on an Internet-capable television or set-top box. Apple TV, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Samsung Smart TVs, Panasonic Smart TVs, Google TV, and DLNA Renderers are all compatible. Read More »

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spotify galaxy tab Spotify expands to 20 new countries, now free on Android and iOS

Spotify is now free on mobile; well, kind of free. The latest version of the music streaming service removes the need to have a $9.99 monthly premium subscription to listen to anything other than Spotify Radio on a mobile device. However, there are still some rules that make a Spotify Premium account still worth having for some users. Read More »

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fifa Follow todays FIFA World Cup Draw with the official FIFA app

In a few hours, the FIFA World Cup Draw will take place and tell football/soccer fans where the groups where their beloved national teams will play in the World Cup. If you can’t be near a television to see the draw take place, or if you just want to have some extra information while you wait, try out this app. Read More »

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micro sd card in cell phone 500x321 Google Play Music Now Stores Cache Music on Your SD Card

One of the things I love about the Android OS is just how well it plays with Micro SD cards and now it's about to get even better. Google has announced that Google Play Music will now be able to "store cached or pinned music on external storage." This means no more wasting your limited internal memory on your Google Play Music offline files. Read More »

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