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nokia 500x332 Nokias Android phone sold to 1 million buyers in four days

A low price and a big name can go a long way when it comes to Android smartphones. Nokia today announced that pre-orders for the Nokia X smartphone have surpassed 1 million. And that's only in one country. Sure, that country happens to be China, the largest smartphone market in the world that's also home to more than a billion people, but it's still giving Nokia "1 million reasons to smile." Read More »

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android windowsphone Google and Microsoft both oppose dual Android and Windows Phone devices

If the prospect of a smartphone capable of running both Android and Windows Phone interests you, forget about it. One day after news broke of Huawei confirming that it planned to release a dual OS phone running both operating systems, reports have come out that both Google and Microsoft are against such devices. Read More »

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page android wp8 500x230 Huawei says Android and Windows Phone dual OS devices make more sense

Huawei has most of its eggs in the Android basket, but the company has shown some support for Windows Phone as well. The Chinese manufacturer says that it is "committed to making Windows Phone devices," but that may not be the best solution for supporting the operating system going forward. It might make more sense to offer Android as the primary phone and Windows Phone as a secondary option. Read More »

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HTC One 2 M8 Dual 500x370 Heres why the HTC One has two cameras

Based on previous leaks that we've seen, it's obvious that the All New HTC One (HTC M8) has two cameras. The last time HTC had a smartphone with two cameras was the EVO 3D, and that wasn't exactly the greatest phone to ever hit the market. Don't worry about HTC repeating its mistakes because the dual cameras, or HTC Duo, have more practical appearances. Take a look at this leaked sales sheet from Telstra that offers some clues about why the HTC One has two cameras. Read More »

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m8 hands on 2 495x375 Another New Video of the All new HTC One Surfaces

Previously there was a leaked video of the "all new HTC One" or the HTC M8 but lets just say the quality and professionalism left a little to be desired in terms of the knowledge of the person holding the deice. Now a much shorter but more knowledgeable video has surfaced of the HTC One M8.  You can check it out below.

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page googlenowwatch Google is tweaking Android to work on smartwatches, SDK launching in two weeks

All those rumors about Google launching a smartwatch appear to have some fire to go with that smoke. Sundar Pichai - the head of Android, Google Apps, and Chrome - said yesterday that Google will launch a software development kit (SDK) specifically for wearable devices. And it's supposedly launching in just two weeks. Read More »

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 inch 500x333 Samsung has more web presence than all other Android device makers combined

In case you need a reminder how far ahead Samsung is from every other Android manufacturer, take a look at this chart from Chitika. The analytics and advertising company has taken a look at the web traffic in the United States and Canada to focus on which companies are most represented among Android devices that see its advertisements. Here are the results. Read More »

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privacy samsung galaxy s2 01 FreedomPop Privacy Phone pits specs vs. security

What matters most to you: a great phone with solid specs and so-so security, or an outdated phone that's likely to be more secure than anything else on the market? That's the question posted by FreedomPop's new Privacy Phone that takes a familiar Android device and then packs it with VPN, encryption, and other settings designed to keep the government, hackers, and prying eyes off of your data and activity. But is this extra layer of privacy worth it? Read More »

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