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Here a video comparing the pocket internet explorer and the new opera mini 4. As always the opera mini rocks icon smile Video: Pocket Internet Explorer VS Opera Mini 4 By the way, did you guys notice how fast the opera mini 4 loads on his phone? comparing on my n95 the opera mini 4 takes about 6-7sec to load.

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69208 1mg02 Opera Mini 4 Final Version Is Out

Its seems that the final version of opera mini 4 is out and can be download from here

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 DSC 0003 Mobile GMaps v1.38.04 Is Out

A new version of Mobile GMaps is out, with a number of improvements:

  • Nextel/Motorola iDEN support updated — positioning now defaults to assisted GPS, several problems were fixed.
  • Motorola location API is now included in the main (generic) version of MGMaps, and it should work on Motorola E1000, A920 and others.
  • The QJAE GPS API (Sprint) was updated to prefer assisted-GPS over standalone GPS. This sacrifices accuracy for quicker fixes and more stable GPS positioning.
  • The "Browse" option in Settings/Map Browsing was updated, it now searches for a folder containing a cache.conf file and it no longer requires for the folder to be named MGMapsCache.
  • Support for the OpenStreetMap OSMARender map layer was added. You can enable it in Settings/Map Types.
  • Added option to rotate map by 180 degrees, key "7" can be used to sequentially rotate the map.
  • A scaled image is now displayed while zooming in (previously such an image was displayed only when zooming out).
  • Added option to "fake" user-agent (Settings/Advanced) in order to make MGMaps work with some carriers and plans like O2 Germany's WAP.
  • Some fixes for the GPS, zoom, key shortcuts and other settings.

You can download it from here

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69208 1mg02 Opera Mini Beta 3 Is Out

New version of the Internet java browser Opera mini is out, this is the third beta that they release and it can be downloaded from here or point your phone browser to:

Changes since Opera Mini 4 beta 2

  • Added Link support
  • Added Speed Dials
  • Added RSS feed support
  • Added shortcut *+0 for feeds
  • Added shortcuts for speed dials (*+[speed dial number])
  • Added function to ask the transcoders for the title and favicon of a new bookmark or speed dial
  • Stylus devices can now scroll shortcut help overlays
  • Changed "Fit to width" to "Mobile view"
  • Changed "Autozoom" to "Show overview"
  • Low, medium and high image quality setting
  • Images fit better to the screen (no panning)
  • Improved BiDi support
  • Page position and scaling is now preserved after reload of page
  • Stylus devices without pointer motion events should be able to scroll anyway, just not in realtime
  • Faked transcoding progress when using feeds
  • Show numbers in ordered lists
  • Improved stylesheet handling
  • Focus highlight now looks inactive when loading
  • New and improved server side cookie handling

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Here is a video of sony ericsson with another music player ( KD Music Player) than the walkman player, If you ask me this player looks better than the built in walkman player.

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New version of google gmail mobile is out. To download it, direct your phone to

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screenshot0681 Mobile GMaps v1.37.00

screenshot0680 Mobile GMaps v1.37.00

Mobile GMaps is a FREE application that displays maps from Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, Windows Live Local (MSN Virtual Earth),, Open Street Map and other sources on Java J2ME-enabled mobile phones, PDAs and other devices. MGMaps can connect to a GPS receiver over bluetooth or use internal GPS features on some phones in order to automatically display the map for your current position. You can pre-download maps and store them on your memory card in order to use them on the go without accessing the internet.

download1 Mobile GMaps v1.37.00

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googlenews TeaShark mobile browser!

TeaShark is a new Java-based proxied mobile browser like Opera Mini, but the browsing experience seems the same as the Nokia S60 browser. Check the video here: video. If you have problems with installing TeaShark, use Opera Mini instead

Note: TeaShark is not supporting the following devices yet: Blackberry, PalmOS/Windows Mobile based phones.

If you need the accompanying JAD, you can download it here

Download TeaShark from our forum

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