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screenshot0023 Flurry J2ME   Mobile email and news feed reader screenshot0024 Flurry J2ME   Mobile email and news feed reader

Flurry is FREE, incredibly easy to use, and sign-up is quick and straight-forward. Flurry successfully figured out how to turn an average, every-day mobile phone into a smartphone! You can keep track of multiple email accounts and easily import all your contacts so they're easy to access and secure in case you lose your handset. The user interface is designed to deliver a rich experience on low-end phones as well as the most sophisticated smart phones. Users can read and share their favorite news, blogs, and RSS feeds. Photo sharing from your phone to an email address is quick and easy. Flurry's technology keeps your data charges low, allows you to easily search for mail and news, and offers users the option to set message notification filters that alert you via SMS. They have even developed features for MySpace users that allow them to constantly stay connected to their MySpace community from their phone.

Download the application from here

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 Kris mar2007 emoze Push Windows Live Hotmail to your mobile device with Emoze

Emoze now offers more than 260 million active Windows Live Hotmail users the ultimate mobile messaging service currently being enjoyed by webmail users and it's as simple as 1-2-3! Download Emoze to your mobile device, configure your Windows Live Hotmail account and start enjoying revolutionary, true, push email services immediately.

Windows Live Hotmail users can now experience the ultimate in mobile messaging. Available on the broadest range of mobile devices, from smartphones to simple phones (Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and more), Emoze is easy, affordable and fun to use. Featuring the most advanced graphics with great animations and really cool themes it has intuitive interfaces, which mimics the look and feel of Windows Live Hotmail experience already familiar on your PC.

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scr000004 Java Application: FX 602P Calculator

Here is great Java calculator that you guys need to try. The FX-602P is a full featured simulation of an Casio FX-602P Programmable Scientific Calculator.Download the application from here. The screenshot is from a Nokia 5800.

[Thx pepotegg]

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latitude nyc Google Latitude   Locate your friends in real time

Google Latitude lets you see your friends on a map on Google Maps for mobile and iGoogle. Use Latitude to plan an impromptu meetup, see that a loved one got home safely, or just stay in touch with friends.

See where your friends are on a map with Google Latitude. Latitude is a new feature for Google Maps for mobile and an iGoogle gadget.


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iphone3g vs android g1 01 Opera Mini 4.2 for Andorid G1 Updated

Got this info via mail for a few min ago:

Since the release of Opera Mini 4.2 for Android last week, we have worked on fixing two bugs:
• Prefilled forms will now stay prefilled when opened
• When a video is played on the system player, Opera Mini doesn't exit

The new version is now available on Android Marked (Applications -> Communication).

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winrar96clf8 WinRar application for Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97 (S60v5)

WinRAR reads ZIP & RAR archives,you can extract files from the existing archives, and you can make new ones.This is one handy gadget. Works perfectly with 5800 XM. Download the file from here

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overview gmail Nokia 5800 Application: GoogleMail (Gmail)   with fixed Menu Icon for Nokia 5800 gmailicon9lpg Nokia 5800 Application: GoogleMail (Gmail)   with fixed Menu Icon for Nokia 5800
Read and respond quickly to your e-mails - Get your Gmail messages anytime, from anywhere. Once you have Gmail on your phone installed, there were only one or two clicks. Your messages will be opened almost immediately.

Attached files - Open e-mail attachments, including photos, Microsoft Word documents and PDF files. this version includes a menu icon fix for the Nokia 5800. Download the googleMail from our forum

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weather Free Weather Java Application (J2ME)

The Weather midlet is a Java application for mobile devices to check the weather conditions in different locations. Download the new measurement and forecast data any time using the Refresh menu item. There are different views in the Weather midlet and you can change the views with the Up/Down navigation buttons. In the bottom-left corner you'll find the elapsed time from the last data source refresh. It's measured not from the refresh button press on the phone but the refresh of the real computed/measured data on the server. The Autorefresh option makes it possible to refresh the meteorological data automatically in regular intervals. Currently there are three main views:

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