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hallow Java Application: IQ Halloween

IQ Halloween - Thematic software for celebrating Halloween. Launch the application and enjoy the laughing pumpkin. Note: Please enable your warning tones to hear the creepy laughter. Tested OK on a Nokia N95-1 and Sony Ericsson W902

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Gmail 2.0 is now available. Check the video for new functions.

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java Java Application: WorkoutTimer v1.2.1
WorkoutTimer is an application for mobile phone that helps you to keep time for yourself while working out at the gym or home. You may find it very useful for:

* boxing/martial arts
* tabata intervals
* circuit training
* stretching
* weightlifting
* running/sprinting
* cardio/aerobic training
* yoga

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gpstrail Java Application: Mobile Trail Explorer   Explore your trails using the mobile phone and GPS unit (internal/external)
Mobile Trail Explorer is an application where user can view and record tracks using the mobile phone and GPS device (either external or internal). Recorded tracks can be exported in KML or GPX formats so that they can be viewed in Earth application. Mobile Trail Explorer is mainly targeted for recording biking, hiking etc. trails.

You can also create trails or placemarks in Earth and import those to Mobile Trail Explorer in KML format. You can then display the imported track as "ghost" trail and follow the trail or waypoints.

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emoze push email mobile emoze Leads Market To Next Generation Mobile Push Email
Multiple email accounts now managed from a single mobile device, with the launch of the emoze Version 2.0

Emoze is leading the mass market to the next generation of mobile push email with the release of its Version 2.0 software. New functionality enables users, to configure multiple mobile email accounts with optimized battery performance and phenomenal user experience.

It is now possible to send and receive emails, in real time, from your corporate, personal and family accounts all on the same mobile telephone.

"Making life easier is the name of the game," said Moshe Levy, co-founder and chief technology officer of emoze. "The ability to deal with all email traffic from one mobile phone on-the-go saves time and effort scrambling for access or running around to find an internet café in a time of need."

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calculator Symbian Application: Enhanced Calculator for S60   Updated

Enhanced Calculator for S60 has been updated.

Change log:

  • Calculator should work now in Samsung devices (and maybe other manufacturer devices with QVGA screens) too
  • In some devices (S60 3rd Ed. FP2) Calculator was installed to a separate Applications folder. This is now fixed.

About Enhanced Calculator

Tired with the age-old Nokia S60 calculator? Here is a new one with advanced features and improved usability.

Key features:
- Standard calculator
- Scientific calculator
- Loan calculator

In essence, this is the same calculator application that is pre-installed in several Nokia phones based on Series 40. The purpose of this beta trial is to evaluate whether or not to replace the standard S60 calculator with the one used in Series 40.

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screenshot0072 Street View and walking directions come to Google Maps for mobile

google maps street view

Found this info at the google maps mobile page:

Today we're launching a new version of Google Maps for mobile with the same street-level imagery available on desktop. Wondering if the restaurant in your search results is the one you're thinking of? Just click "Street View" after your search to see the storefront. Unsure about a complicated intersection in your directions? Use Street View to see a photo, so there's no mistaking your turn. You can also launch Street View from any address where we have photography, or simply by clicking on the map and selecting "Street View". You can browse Street View overlaid on the map or in full screen, rotate your view to see more of your surroundings, and move along the street.

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blueftpaz8 Java Application: Bluetooth File Transfer OBEX FTP v0.96

Use your cell phone to manage files of any OBEX ready device that support File Transfer Profile (FTP), almost on all models today, with a Bluetooth connection. Download, upload, explore, edit, create, delete and rename files and folders on your phone, PDA, palm, notebook, PC, photo viewer, music player and so on; using an easy, fast and intuitive user-interface (GUI). Transfer or delete many files and entire folders at once, with a single keypress, using the multiple selection feature. Explore hidden files, or make your personal data private and/or read-only, using the attributes editor (local filesystem only). Save your favorite devices in the bookmark list, to speed-up the connection procedure. Require: MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1.

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