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nokia n86 034 Guide: Nokia N86 firmware v20 / v21 finally hacked!

The PNHT team has finally hacked the Nokia N86 firmware v20 / v21. This means that you now can install unsigned application etc without messing around with certificate files. Head over to our Symbian modding section (forum) to to read the guide on how to hack your Nokia N86.

[Thx PNHT and Adonix]

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nokia 5800 xpressmusic 081 Nokia 5800 firmware v40 finally hacked!

Got some great news to our Nokia 5800 readers. The Nokia 5800 latest firmware v40 is now hackable which means that you now can install unsigned application withing signing them. For more info about the hack and how to hack the device, take a look at this forum thread

[Thx Szakalit, PNHT, Adonix]

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symbian cert files Guide: How to get instant Certificate for Symbian devices

This is a short video, no voice, just guidance, on how to get a certificate for Symbian mobile phones. You need one of these to combine with a signing tool so that you can sign applications and then they can be installed onto the phone.

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hacker Two new ways to hack your Symbian S60v3 and S60v5 phones

There are two new ways to hack your Symbian S60 phones, first one is the popular HelloOX that just got a new version released. The HelloOX2 is an One step Hacking tool for all Symbian S60 3rd & 5th phone. Hacking mean that you can get unlimited access to your phone's system folders and files, with this capability, you'll be able to mod your system apps. for example: modding installserver to install any software you want, don't have to care about certificate anymore...

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annoyingaudiophone Guide: How to get certificate files for your Symbian phone   Sign and install unsigned application

Are you tired of getting the "certificate error" message when installing application on your Symbian phone? The reason is  that the application that you are trying to install "haven't" been approved by Symbian foundation. But most of us know that most of the good freeware application haven't been "signed" so we need to sign them ourselves. There are two ways to install the "unsigned" applications. First is to hack your phone. That means that you need to fool the phones firmware (by editing it)  so that it allows you to install the unsigned application.

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nokia 5800 xpressmusic photo 01 Guide: How to hack your Nokia 5800   s60v5

As a request from the forum I have put together a video to show everyone how to hack their Nokia 5800 or other S60v5 phones. Please make sure that when you are hacking a different phone with this method that you get the correct installserver from the forum.

You can view this guide at our forum

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nokia e51 unboxing pictures 20 Hack Nokia E51 with Firmware 300.34.56   Install Unsigned Applications
The Nokia E51new firmware 300.34.56 is now completely hacked. Heres a guide to hack the firmware and install unsigned applications on your phone.

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