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nokiae71 pictures04 How To Hack Nokia E71 with Firmware 200.21.118   Install Unsigned Applications
Here is working method to hack the Nokia E71 firmware 200.21.118  and install unsigned application on the phone. You need unhacked Phone with firmware 200.21.118, Binpda cerfiticate file to sign applications.

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nokia open to anything HelloOX   The easiest way to hack all Symbian S60v3 FP1 and FP2 phones

HelloOX Hack - The easiest way to hack all S60v3 FP1 and FP2 phones. Nasua over at the forum has published another way to hack your Symbian S60v3 firmware so that you can install unsigned application. This hack works on both S60v3 Fp1 and Fp2 phones. According to Nasua the hack has confirmed working on these phones and firmwares: Nokia 5320 v4.13, N95 v31.0.017, N95-1 v31.0.0.17, N78 v20.149, N82 v31,n85 v11.047,E51 v300.34.56, E66, v200.21.118, E71 v200.21.118.

Click here to read the instructions on how to hack your S60v3 phone and to download the nessesary files. As usual do this mod at your own risk, you may damage your phone.

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nokia open Signing Symbian Applications: 2 New way to hack your symbian S60v3 phone and install unsigned applications

Two new methods on how to hack your Symbian S60v3 phone has appeared on the Forum. They even work with the newer firmware on the nokia N95 (v31) and E51 (v300) and E71 (v200).

Do this hack at your own risk, You may damage your phone!

How to get a hackable n958gb v31

New Hack Method For Unhackable Firmware (Tested on E51 v300.34.56, Nokia E71 v200.21.118, Nokia N82 v31.0.016, Nokia N95 v31.0.017 and Nokia N96.)

[Thx Nasua and mufaddal_km]

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s60 hacked Easy way to sign your unsigned symbian s60 applications part #2   Drakkarious hack (works with v30.xx firmware)

Since nokia released new firmware updates to most of the N-series phones, the old way of signing the applications wont work (since the "TRK" application is already built in the OS). So now you are stuck with unsigned applications that you cannot sign. Lucky for us there is a new easy way to install unsigned s60 application on your phone  without even having to sign them (even with the v30.xx firmware)

Tested and worked with v30.0.015 firmware on my Nokia N95-1.

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Now this is what i call a fast signing procedure of unsigned applications. It doesnt take more than 5 seconds and 4 clicks on your computer to sign a unsigned application!


First, install 2 sis application on your phone.

sign unsigned app1 Very easy way to sign your unsigned applications on Symbian S60v3 phones

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