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Its time for the last Sony Ericsson Contest, this time the good folks at Sony Ericsson gave us one MBW-150 to give out to our readers. Read more about the clock here or take a look at my old unboxing pics of the MBW-150 here. All you have to do i to leave a comment and the Random Number Generator from will choose a winner. The contest will end today (24/01). Please note that you need to live in a country "supported" by DHL.

Rules: Only 1 post / reader / IP / email and account! Cheaters will be banned.

Update: The contest has ended and the winner according to is "pingu". Congrats m8! Check your email and reply to me as soon as possible!. And for those that didnt win we will have a new contest soon... stay tuned!

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jawbone icon Review: Jawbone Icon Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headset

The guys at engadget unboxes the Jawbone Icon bluetooth headset. Head over to this post to read the review or view the gallery here.

Aliph's hit the spot with six pretty rad designs for this one product range alone, while offering a fresh platform to customize each Icon headset and making it easier to use at the same time. More importantly, the Icon has a noise elimination trick that actually produces results, although we'd like to see that pairing bug fixed with a firmware update sometime soon.

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SE MW600 02 500x375 Pictures: Sony Ericsson MW600

MW600 ds200 ds220 02 500x375 Pictures: Sony Ericsson MW600

The folks at Wolfstarconsultancy (Sony Ericsson) was kind enough to send me a demo example of the Sony Ericsson MW600 stereo bluetooth handsfree (included in the Sony Ericsson X10 package).  The Sony Ericsson MW600 features advanced Bluetooth technology and a built-in FM radio. The device lets you stream music to your headset in high fidelity through sound-enhancing ear-buds.

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HBH PV720 Sony Ericsson HBH PV720 Giveaway / Contest

The guys at Sony Ericsson marketing team were kind enough to give us two Sony Ericsson accessories for a giveaway contest here on Daily Mobile. First off is the Sony Ericsson HBH-PV720 Bluetooth handsfree. You can find a few unboxing pictures of the HBH-PV720 here. All you have to do i to leave a comment and the Random Number Generator from will choose a winner. The contest will end today (18/01)

Rules: Only 1 post / reader / IP / email and account! Cheaters will be banned.

Update: So far 9 people been disqualified due to cheating

Update 2: The contest has ended! congrats to "Martin" for winning the HBH-PV720 (check our email). Next up is the Sony Ericsson MBW-150 bluetooth watch. Stay tuned!

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Sony ericsson HBH PV720 01 500x375 Unboxing Pictures: Sony Ericsson HBH PV720

Here are some unboxing pictures of the Sony Ericsson HBH-PV720 bluetooth handsfree. The Sony Ericsson HBH-PV720 is a Bluetooth headset that is designed for wirelessly taking calls from a Bluetooth-enabled device. The headset is designed with a flexible earhook, volume controls, and a single multifunction button that is used for answering/ending calls, pairing, and redialing the last number. It differs from the HBH-PV708 since it has an automatic volume adjustment feature to keep the sound loud in noisy environments but lacks the Fast Port and enhanced data rate of the HBH-PV708. It also features adaptive frequency hopping technology to reduce wireless interference. The HBH-PV720 comes with two sizes of earhooks and three coloured faceplates for customizing the headset. It runs on a rechargeable battery that provides up to 11 hours of talk time and up to 800 hours standby. The headset has a suggested retail price of $80 and includes a quick-release metal chain for wearing it around the neck when not in use.

Note: Stay tuned for the HBH-PV720 giveaway / contest!

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BlueAnt bluetooth BlueAnt Wireless booth at CES 2010

This is an interview with Jennifer Cauble of BlueAnt Wireless and she discusses some of their products and features their flagship product the Voice Activated Q1 Bluetooth earpiece.

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htc hd2 tekken 3 HTC HD 2 playing Tekken 3 using blueooth gamepad

Ok im now officially jealous, This video shows the HTC HD2 playing Tekken 3 (my favorite game) using the MSI BGP100 bluetooth gamepad. This was all possible thanks to the FpseCE 0.10 software  (Windows Mobile Playstation emulator). Check out the video demo after the break.

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HTC HD2 paired with Logitech Dinovo Edge Keyboard Video: HTC HD2 paired with Logitech Dinovo Edge Keyboard

This video shows that its possible to pair a bluetooth keyboard with the HTC HD2.

Today I thought I have to try something new. When i saw my HD2 lie on my bluetooth Keyboard I just had to give it a try. So I paired the HD2 with a Logitech Dinovo Edge keyboard. It is kinda possible to control the HD2 with the keyboard. Some commands wont work with the keyboard arrows, some do. It is possible to assign keyboard keys to Morphgear and FPSECE but they wont work in game. May somehow it would work since the keys are assigned.

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