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htccamera 500x346 HTC Made $10 Million USD Last Quarter

The once dominant handset manufacturer HTC has been having a bit of financial trouble in the recent past and has started to restructure operations and change key players at the top. According to the latest numbers, this stragey seems to be working to a degree. HTC has turned a 10 million dollar profit last quarter, and while this seems like great news it was mainly based on its sale of its stake in Beats Audio which netted HTC $85 million dollars. Read More »

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page nexus5 htcone motox 500x298 Google Nexus 5 vs. Moto X vs. HTC One (Google Play)

Since Android 4.4 Kitkat debuted, a very small number of phones have been updated to support the software. Google reports that barely 1 percent of active Android devices run KitKat. So with that in mind, someone might wonder which is the best of the phones that support the latest version of Android. The top three choices I'd recommend are the Moto X, Google Nexus 5, and the HTC One Google Play Edition. Which of three is best? Watch the video below and find out. Read More »

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htc one max 412x375 HTCs next version of the One will have dual camera and fingerprint scanner

The HTC One was a popular smartphone among tech enthusiasts, but it didn't do very well among regular consumers. HTC will try to change that with the HTC One Two, the 2014 version of the phone that will have the best features of the HTC One and the One Max. Read More »

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htc one max 412x375 HTC gets a temporary reprieve from shipping ban in UK

After Nokia sucessfully won a shipping ban on the HTC One Max in the UK, HTC announced that it would appeal the decision in hopes that it would be able to prevent a ban of all HTC smartphones into the region. The company announced that it has earned a temporary injunction prevent the complete ban of all its smartphones, including the standard One and One Mini. Here's the full statement: Read More »

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htc one mini silver 474x375 HTC One mini banned from the UK because of Nokia patent dispute

The HTC One mini’s days are numbered in the UK following a ruling from a London judge that the device can no longer be sold in the country. Why? Because of patents, of course. The judge ruled that the One Mini infringes on patents held by Nokia, so beginning December 6, the phone will no longer allowed to be sold. Things could have actually been worse for HTC based on the judge's ruling. Read More »

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xxx  windows phone 8x by htc ee063 4 3 500x375 GDR3 Rollout Begins for HTC 8X on Verizon Very quickly on the heels of everyone finally getting the Windows Phone GDR2 update, Verizon has already started to push out the GDR3 update.  It's not for all Windows Phone customers on the network, but those with the HTC 8X will get the firmware update.  Read More »

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HTC One max1 491x375 Verizon now selling HTC One Max for $299

The HTC One Max looks like a giant version of the HTC One, and that big phone has made its way to Verizon Wireless. Verizon today began selling the HTC One Max for $299 on a two-year agreement or $599.99 if purchase in full. The on-contract price is higher than typically seen, but this is a larger than normal phone. Read More »

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sprint triband Sprint begins selling Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini, Samsung Galaxy Mega, and LG G2   HTC One Max next up

Alongside Sprint's plan to overhaul its 4G LTE network and deliver a far more efficient and faster experience on certain phones, Sprint has a trio of new devices launching today to take advantage of those changes, and one big device to follow later.

Read More »

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