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intro LinkedIn Intro is dying,uninstall it before it messes up your iOS inbox

LinkedIn is going to shutdown its Intro feature for iOS that made it possible to get background information about the people sending your emails. Intro arrived several months ago with a bit of controversy because of security issues, but it continued to be used by many iPhone users. My guess is not enough users bothered businesslike is encouraging users to uninstall Intro before March 7 or risk having their accounts temporarily unusable. Here's how: Read More »

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android woz Apple legend Woz says Apple should make Android phones

Steve Wozniak, the man who co-founded Apple and will forever be associated with the company even though he's not involved with new products, is known for saying eyebrow raising things on occasion. His latest comments suggesting that Apple should build and sell an Android smartphone is arguably the silliest in quite a while. Read More »

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iphone6 concept iPhone 6 will have bigger screen and kill off the plastic seen on the iPhone 5c

The Apple iPhone 6 will have a big screen. Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard that before, but word now comes direct from the Wall Street Journal, a more reputable source that tends to get things right. The Journal has spoken with sources that say you can expect two new iPhones later this year, and both of them will have screens bigger than the iPhone 5s. Read More »

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google chrome data 416x375 Chrome for Android and iPhone will cut down on data usage

If you're having a hard time sticking within the confines of your carrier's monthly data limits, it might soon be time to make the switch to Google Chrome for Android or iOS. Both versions of the browser are about to add a data compression tool that decreases the amount of data transferred during browsing sessions, and that compression can offer bandwidth savings of up to 50 percent. Read More »

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applechina 500x312 iPhone Coming to China Mobile and its 760 million subscribers

Apple has had great success with its iPhone devices in almost every major market across the globe; however, the one market that has eluded them is the biggest one of them all - China. Now Apple is looking to change that by inking a mutli-year deal with the world’s largest mobile operator, by users, China Mobile. Read More »

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htc dream google android g1 tmobile01 Did the iPhone force Google to start over with Android?

The Atlantic has published a story today that featured a quote from a former Google engineer who said that when he saw the Apple iPhone unveiled in 2007, he knew that the company had to "start over." Another Google employee says that's not exactly accurate. Read More »

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google glass Google Glass companion iPhone app appears briefly in App Store

Google Glass has been something popping up on everyone's radar because of its unique way of getting notifications, taking photos, and searching for information with a special display resting above the user's right eye. It now appears that Glass will be popping up on even more people’s face because the app is breaking away from its dependency on Android. At least that's what it seems like based on what Google did earlier today. Read More »

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angry birds Angry Birds Go! is like Mario Kart meets Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a massive mobile gaming empire that expanded today with the release of a new racing game for Android and iOS. Angry Birds Go! changes the format of the game that previously asked users to crush its pig enemies with catapulting birds. Now, the game merely asks that players outrace the competition, birds and pigs alike, in a 3D racing game. Read More »

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