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nokia n900 68 Nokia N900: Face detection and tracking game

This is a video demo of the face detection/tracking game that uses the front camera on the Nokia N900. The game is called BurgerFace and you can download it from here. Video demo after the break...

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Rubix Cube For the Nokia N900 Nokia N900: Rubix Cube application

Cube Touch for the Nokia N900 emulates a 3-D mechanical puzzle with realistic animation effects. Each face of the cube is covered by 9 squares among six solid colours: white, red, blue, orange, green, and yellow. Once mixed, solve the puzzle as quickly as possible so that each face is a solid colour. Examine the cube by rotating it around either horizontally or vertically. The fastest time is saved as a high score.

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n900 weather QT Weather App and Phonebook app demoed on Nokia N900

Heres a video demo of a weather app and phonebook app with QT on the Nokia N900. Prettey sleek and responsive UI, what do you think?

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[Thx noop88 and N900TV]

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fring nokia n900 Fring IM is now avaible for the Nokia N900

Fring is now available for the Nokia N900. Fring is a mobile internet service & community that enables users to talk, chat & interact with other fringsters and their online communities, from their mobile phones. The Fring application for the Nokia N900 supports: Skype, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, SIP, Twitter, Yahoo!, AIM.

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nokia google maps Nokia N900: Flash version of Google Earth demoed

In this video, Jay from My Nokia Blog demoes the flash version of Google Earth on his Nokia N900.

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firefox n900 499x375 Firefox for Nokia N900 is ready to download directly from the Ovi Store

Firefox mobile web browser for the Nokia N900 went live in the Ovi Store today. So what are you waiting for? Download it now!

This is a big leap for Firefox, as this sparks the first release of the full Firefox experience on a mobile device. There’s a ton of great functionality to get stuck into, and some new mobile-specific functions as well.

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n900 nokia 09 Nokia N900: Take panoramic photos with QuickPanorama application

n9001 500x108 Nokia N900: Take panoramic photos with QuickPanorama application

This Morpho QuickPanorama (Free Trial) application helps you take panorama photos easily with one-button capture. Just start acquiring video, swipe your hand in a horizontal direction to capture a panorama, and the Morpho QuickPanorama application stitches the input in real-time to create a panorama JPEG automatically.

Get the app from here

[Photo sample by Mark - Via]

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nokia maemo PhotoTranslator for Nokia N900   Translate text from pictures to various languages

PhotoTranslator is a neat application for Nokia N900. It allows you to translate text from pictures to various languages. Imagine yourself walking on a street somewhere in a foreign country and you face a warning sign, but you have no idea what it says. Just take a picture of the sign and open it with PhotoTranslator, crop the text in the sign and PhotoTranslator translates the text to your language. In addition the PhotoTranslator can be used also for translating copy/pasted or typed text, not just for text from pictures.

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