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n9homescreenheader Change the Backgrounds of Your N9 Homescreens

As I was doing all my updates that came with the 1.2PR MeeGo update on my N9 I noticed a new option on my homescreen. The ability to put a wallpaper behind all your homescreens!

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gtalkn9 500x372 Download Gtalk for your Nokia N9!

I awoke this morning to find a nice little surprise for Nokia N9....Google Talk!!  That's right, not only does the N9 have Skype it now has Google Talk. Read More »

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firefox n9 Firefox is now Available for the N9!

Firefox is now available for the Nokia N9! I downloaded it this morning and it works wonderfully. Read More »

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zzzz trans  Symbian/MeeGo App Review Combo Pack: Bedside and SleepmakerThere are times in life when you just need some sleep it doesn't matter where you are, but sometimes the place is not conducive  to sleep enter what I like to call the "sleep combo pack".  Read More »

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swipemangerpic App review: SwipeManager For Nokia N9

One of the thing I love about the N9 are the apps, while there are not a ton of them out there the ones that are out there work seamlessly with the OS. Case in point is SwipeManager. Read More »

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n9 update dm Developer Release of MeeGo PR 1.2 for N9 Now Available

With all the big news recently about the impending release of Nokia Belle lately it seems the N9's upcoming update to MeeGo PR1.2 is going largely unnoticed.  But that release is creeping forward and  should soon be ready for download to the general public. Read More »

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Nokia N950 Image 03 MeeGo PR1.2 Beta Now Available for N950 N9 Update Shouldnt Be Far Behind

Nokia has just announced today that the MeeGo 1.2  beta version number 3.2012.02-6_PR_RM680  is now available for the Nokia N950 Developer Device.  Which probably begs the question from some you "I don't have an N950 I have an N9 why should I care?"   Read More »

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012412 n91 Five Reasons the N9 Still Counts

With all the positive buzz surrounding the new Nokia Lumia series and the discussion on if Nokia should have kept Symbian as their smartphone Operating System, it is easy to forgot about the Nokia N9.  Read More »

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