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leather moto Motorola might make a leather mobile phone according to rumors

Frequent and accurate smartphone news leak source evleaks tweeted a cryptic message last night: 2013:wood::2014:leather. It's been a while since I did SAT prep, but I still remember that means 2013 is to wood as 2014 is to leather. The message is likely a reference to what Motorola has planned next. Read More »

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motox kitkat Moto Maker coming to Europe in a few months, and a new Moto X arrives in the summer

Though the Moto X has expanded to more places outside of the United States, the Moto Maker customization tool has remained a US exclusive since its debut in August. Motorola today announced that it plans to bring Moto Maker to Europe and Mexico at some point between now and June. How will the Lenovo sale affect those plans? Read More »

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lenovo 500x333 Motorola says goodbye to Google as Lenovo takes over company
Image via reddit

So much for the commercials saying Motorola...a Google company. Those ads will have to scratch out Google's name and add Lenovo's because that's the company that now runs Motorola Mobility. Google has just announced that it sold Motorola, a company it paid $12.5 billion to acquire nearly 30 months ago, for only $2.91 billion. Here's what happens next: Read More »

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page motog rear 500x281 Anybody want a $50 phone? Motorola says thats the goal

Motorola surprised everyone by managing to turn the Moto G into a better than expected phone considering it cost only $179 (GBP 135, EU 165). Apparently, that wasn't low enough because Motorola now has its sights set on an even lower price. CEO Dennis Woodside, in an interview with TrustedReviews, says that his company is looking to drop the price to a level that is 90 percent cheaper than what the average high-end smartphone costs today.

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moto g Moto G Google Play Edition now on sale

Not content to merely announce that the Moto X is coming to Europe, Google today also revealed that low-cost Moto G now comes in a Google Play Edition, which is on sale now. So what exactly makes the Google Play Edition different from the standard Moto G already on sale? Motorola has eroded most of its heavy skin overlay UI overlay since Google acquired the company, so the only real differences between Moto devices and stock Android come in the camera and some added applications for voice interaction. Read More »

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page nexus5 htcone motox 500x298 Google Nexus 5 vs. Moto X vs. HTC One (Google Play)

Since Android 4.4 Kitkat debuted, a very small number of phones have been updated to support the software. Google reports that barely 1 percent of active Android devices run KitKat. So with that in mind, someone might wonder which is the best of the phones that support the latest version of Android. The top three choices I'd recommend are the Moto X, Google Nexus 5, and the HTC One Google Play Edition. Which of three is best? Watch the video below and find out. Read More »

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page motog cases 500x291 Moto G costs just $99 while on sale

The Moto X can be purchased for $99 if you sign-up for a contract, but its smaller sibling, the Moto G, can be had for $99 even WITHOUT a contract. The device is on sale now in select Best Buy stores and more locations across the country are adding the Moto G. The phone was already a really good bargain based on the $179 off-contract pricing, but with the sale making the phone $99 after mail-in rebate, it’s even harder to pass up. The question then becomes, is the Moto G a good enough phone? The answer is yes. Take a look at this review video below and then read more in the Moto G vs Moto X comparison if you need more convincing. Read More »

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moto g1 Surprise! Moto G updated to Android 4.4 Kitkat today

Motorola said that the Moto G would be updated to Android 4.4 Kitkat in early 2014, most likely January. Despite that conservative estimate, Motorola has decided to drop an early Christmas present on its customers and upgrade the entry-level smartphone to KitKat early - the “starting right now” kind of early. Read More »

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