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vodafone wallet 500x280 Vodafone Wallet and SmartPass will bring phone based NFC payments to Europe soon

Most of the news concerning pay with your phone initiatives has been for NFC solutions available only in the US, like Google Wallet and Isis, but mobile phone payments in Europe got a big boost today from one of the continent’s biggest operators. Read More »

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ofcom British regulators already preparing for 5G networks in UK

Ofcom, the agency that regulates telecommunications in the UK, has announced plans for how it will address future demands for high-capacity mobile networks. Though most UK operators just began implementing 4G service this year, the agency is already preparing for more 4G and 5G networks. Here’s how: Read More »

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sprint Sprint and Best Buy offer students a free year of service

Sprint and Best Buy have announced a partnership that will offer students in the US 12 months of service at no cost. Does the deal sound too good to be true? Well, it should, because there is a small catch.

Students who visit a Best Buy retail store can request the My Way Student Promotion and receive 12 months of free service that includes unlimited talk and text. The plans require that the customer purchase a phone, and it limits the subscriber to only 1 GB of data per month. Switching to an Unlimited plan will require paying $10 per month.

My Way Student subscribers will still be responsible for paying all applicable activation charges, taxes, and monthly service fees, so they aren’t exactly getting a free phone. However, the promotion removes the $70 monthly charge that Sprint typically requires. Once the 12-month period ends, customers will be on the hook for the full $70 per month charges if they don’t terminate the line. More questions can be found at Sprint’s FAQ site.

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roam sim swap Coming Soon: Carriers Auto Unlocking Your Phone for you?

One of the things that make the US smartphone market so great and so maddening at the same time are carriers. They are great because they allow you buy an expensive device by giving you HUGE subsides on devices. They are maddening because the price you pay for those devices leaves you stuck in a two year contract and even worse stuck with a phone locked to that carrier. Well it looks like the FCC is looking to change that.  Read More »

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vodafone 385x185 372884a Vodafone removes carrier billing option from Google Play

Millions of Android users have the opting of buying apps and having the cost added to their monthly bill rather than paying with a credit card, but that payment method is no longer available to Vodafone customers in a few western European markets. There’s no explanation provided for the disappearance, other than confirmation that it was purposely removed, so what’s going on? Read More »

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nexus72 Verizon blames Google and KitKat for lack of Nexus 7 support

When Google announced the Nexus 7, Verizon Wireless was one of the networks that the unlocked tablet was listed as supporting. Since that time, Verizon has refused to activate the Nexus 7, and the carrier even announced its own 7-inch tablet that competes with the Nexus 7. As people began to accuse Verizon of playing favorites, the carrier released the following statement to explain itself: Read More »

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ATT logo AT&T 4G LTE is popping up in more places today

AT&T is accelerating its pace as the carrier tries to compete with Verizon Wireless, which currently has the largest 4G LTE network in the US. Today, AT&T’s 4G LTE network expanded in many new places, including these new markets: Read More »

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vzw htc one 443x375 Verizon needs Approx a month to deliver Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update to HTC One

Bad news for Verizon HTC One owners, Android 4.3 update has been delayed.

Read More »

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