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galaxy round 500x313 Samsung Galaxy S 5 wont have a curved display

We’re months away from seeing the next flagship Samsung device, but that hasn’t stopped people from talking about what might or might not be included in the Galaxy S 5. One thing that we can definitely say won’t be present is a curved display like what we saw in the Galaxy Round. The reason for that is obvious: nobody is going to miss it, and Samsung couldn’t meet demand even if it wanted to try. Read More »

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galaxy pro 500x281 Samsung Galaxy Note Pro may be the 12.2 inch Android tablet

Talk of a Samsung tablet raising the screen size stakes to 12-inches has been spreading for a few months now, and it now appears more plausible that such a device is going to be released based on the image that you see above. That photo was supposedly taken of a Samsung presentation that showed what will eventually be known as the Galaxy Note Pro, a super-sized tablet that aims to be friendlier to productivity. Read More »

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tizen 500x332 Samsung to Showcase Tizen Device at MWC

Samsung has been flirting with releasing a device running the new open source Tizen OS for over a year now and after a few false starts it seems like at this years Mobile World Congress we may finally see this device. According to reports from ITNews Samsung "sent out invitations for the February event." Read More »

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galaxynote3 galaxys4 406x375 Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3 getting Android 4.4 KitKat in January or February

French carrier SFR has revealed that the top Samsung phones released in 2013, the Galaxy S 4 and the Galaxy Note 3, will receive the update to Android 4.4 KitKat in late January or early February. That's for the French market, but what does that mean for other regions?
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galaxy11 squad Samsung assembles the greatest football team ever to promote the Galaxy 11

A few weeks ago, Samsung posted a bizarre video about aliens and crop circles staring legendary footballer/soccer player Franz Beckenbauer. The video seemed to be just one of Samsung’s marketing ploys that people would look at and then forget. On second thought, what if this is part of a campaign to promote a new Galaxy tablet that will be released next year? Read More »

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att samsung galaxy note 2 smartphone 1 AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note II updated to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

The Samsung Galaxy Note II is finally upgrading to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean today. The AT&T version of the Galaxy Note II has updated to include many of the performance and software enhancements found in Android 4.3, including faster navigation. Not everyone will notice much of a jump in speed, but the will notice that the Samsung Premium Suite of software upgrades added a few new tricks, including… Read More »

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GALAXY Camera 500x358 Samsung just made a change that should make its smartphone cameras a lot better next year

Samsung already proved that it can do some interesting things with cameras when it released the Galaxy Camera last year, and its Galaxy Note 3 did fairly well within the smartphone arena. Things are likely to get noticeably better next year because Samsung has decided to integrate its Digital Imaging Business - the part of the company responsible for dedicated cameras like DSLRs and mirrorless cameras - with its mobile division. Read More »

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galaxytab wifi Samsung 100 Euro tablet passes through Wi Fi certification and reveals specs

The first of many Android-based mobile devices that Samsung is expected to launch next year has passed through Wi-Fi certification to reveal a few details about its specifications. The rumored Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite is a low-cost version of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab series, and it’s expected to only cost 100 euros (US $137), which explains a lot. Read More »

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