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Galaxy Tab4 10.1 SM T530 Black 1 500x333 Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Series confirmed with the reveal of three new tablets

Samsung released a new set of Android tables as recently as January but the company is already announcing the upcoming release of another three tablets. While the Galaxy Tab Pro series is meant to be its high-end top of the line competitors, the new Galaxy Tab 4 series has specs that still quality but not as good. All three tablets - the Galaxy Tab 4 10.1, Galaxy Tab 4 8.0, and Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 - will go on sale in the second quarter of 2014. The specs for each device is below. Read More »

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10 500x280 Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro tablets now come with a year of free in air Wi Fi service

Frequent travelers might want to consider Samsung as their next tablet maker because the devices come with the added perk of free Wi-Fi on a plane. Gogo Inflight Internet today announced that Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro customers get free Internet access for up to 36 flights in a year. Here's how it works: Read More »

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page galaxy note pro1 500x345 Google is pressuring Samsung to ditch the Magazine UX seen on Galaxy Tab PRO series

Samsung introduced a bold new design for its Android tablet interface when it introduced the Galaxy TabPRO and Galaxy Note Pro tablets at CES this year. The software included a dramatic departure from standard Android interfaces, and that has supposedly caused some Google executives to encourage Samsung to alter its future plans.

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Sony SPA TA1 3 640x480 500x375 Sony has solved the tablet camera problem   stick a QX10 on the back of your tablet

The problem with tablets is that the camera is almost universally bad. The best you can hope for is that a tablet takes decent photos, but Sony has found a way to fix the problem: buy a $250 QX10 lens camera, and then spend another $36 (26 euro, 21 GBP) to get an attachment clip to put on a tablet. Problem solved! Read More »

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ZTE optik 2 Sprint announces $30 Android tablet, the ZTE Optik 2

Anyone in the market for a new Android tablet has a new wallet-friendly option courtesy of Sprint. The carrier today announced that it is selling the ZTE Optik 2 for just $30 if someone is willing to sign a two-year agreement with the carrier. Before you rush out to throw your money at your local Sprint retailer, pay closer to attention to these details about the device. Read More »

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samsung galaxy tab 3 lite 500x281 Samsung Announces the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite

Samsung is known for having a device for almost every niche a consumer could want and they have continued that trend with Galaxy Tab 3 Lite. This device is a serviceable but not overly spec'd tablet will be aimed at your casual user who doesn't want to spend too much on their devices. Read More »

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page galaxy note pro 500x345 Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 12.2 hands on with Galaxy Note Pro cameo

The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro and Galaxy TabPRO 12.2 are the same device from the viewpoint of its external and internal capabilities. They have the same 2.2 GHz quad-core processor (Snapdragon 800) if using LTE or an 1.9 GHz octa-core chip (Exynos 5 Octa) if using Wi-fi or 3G-connected models. There's really only one key difference, and as you can see from the hands-on video below, either one is going to be pretty impressive. Read More »

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galaxy11 squad Samsung assembles the greatest football team ever to promote the Galaxy 11

A few weeks ago, Samsung posted a bizarre video about aliens and crop circles staring legendary footballer/soccer player Franz Beckenbauer. The video seemed to be just one of Samsung’s marketing ploys that people would look at and then forget. On second thought, what if this is part of a campaign to promote a new Galaxy tablet that will be released next year? Read More »

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