nokia 6500 classic pink 13 Nokia 6500 Classic Pink   Unboxing Pictures

nokia 6500 classic pink 17 Nokia 6500 Classic Pink   Unboxing Pictures

Instantly recognizable by its seamless case crafted from 360 degrees of anodized aluminum, the Nokia 6500 classic is a 9.5mm thin statement of unsurpassed attention to detail. As an expression of individuality, each Nokia 6500 classic is individually polished, ensuring that no two phones are exactly alike, while diamond polishing used on the beveled display aperture and cold stamped logo demonstrate the highest levels of craftsmanship.However, the attention to detail found in the Nokia 6500 classic is much more than skin deep. Featuring dual band 3G technology for fast and easy downloads and browsing and quad-band GSM for worldwide roaming, the Nokia 6500 classic delivers state-of-the-art connectivity options for the most demanding of customers. A full 1 GB of internal memory means that the Nokia 6500 classic has capacity for far more pictures, videos, contacts, songs, messages and other content than the vast majority of other mid-tier mobile phones.

Nokia,s dedication to usability is also evident in the Nokia 6500 classic. The Nokia Series 40 interface, familiar to millions of users around the globe, provides easy access to the powerful feature set, including a 2 megapixel camera with dual LED flash and an integrated music player. Furthermore, a unified micro-USB connector simplifies charging, audio and data connectivity by consolidating them into a single compact port. This allows for the Nokia 6500 classic to be easily used as a high-capacity flash drive or to be charged directly from a laptop computer - all with one cable.

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BlackBerry Bold 9000 Unboxing and Hands-On  video


There are a lot of things that you can do with a jailbroken iPhone 3G but to connect a external keyboard to the iPhone must be one of the oddest mod you can do icon smile iPhone with a external keyboard   The keyboard is from a Palm / Visor and its connected to the iPhone 3G with a custom cable

zeemot js1 04 Pictures: Zeemote JS1 Controller

zeemot js1 nokia n95 05 Pictures: Zeemote JS1 Controller

The Zeemote JS1 Controller provides console style gaming with most any Bluetooth enabled mobile device for the World’s Best Gaming Experience!

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nokia n95 8gb review Scalado: This is what S60 is capable of

Now this is very interesting! A video of the Scalados application thats showing off some eye-popping digital image services for Symbian S60.  It's a great show, but skip to 5:50 to get to the good stuff. thx to dimsum05 and Micky over at HOFO for the info.

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nuance t9 05 Nuance T9 Nav   Symbian Application Tip nuance t9 06 Nuance T9 Nav   Symbian Application Tip

nuance t9 07 Nuance T9 Nav   Symbian Application Tip nuance t9 08 Nuance T9 Nav   Symbian Application Tip

Just type it and find it! Find anything on your mobile device instantly. Music, websites, calendar entries, phone functions, contacts, whatever. Just type in the first few letters and there it is. Unlock the power and potential of your mobile device with T9 Nav.

T9 Nav is a mobile search application that lets you find anything on your phone by just typing in the first few letters of whatever you're looking for.

T9 Nav starts working right from the home screen of your phone. As soon as you press a number, it starts looking for anything on your device that matches the numbers or the letters on that key.

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Introduces New Mobile Broadband Offers and adds to its range of Mobile Broadband Deals to give customers greater value.

Vodafone is adding to its award winning range of USB modems with the introduction of the USB Stick Pro to help customers make the most of the UK's fastest and most reliable mobile broadband network. This new stick is designed for high performance use and will be distinguishable in the range as it comes in a stylish black design, has a space saving retractable USB connector and also comes with an integrated 4GB micro SD memory card. The Stick Pro is 7.2Mbps compatible (NB 7.2Mbps is theoretical speed, average actual speed 1-5Mbps) and boasts upload speeds of 2Mbps (average actual speed of 1Mbps). The modem will be available from free on selected price plans online, in store, via telesales or through your account manager.

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gallery Its time for change!

I have done some minor changes to the gallery  so when you click on the thumbnails you will go directly to the original image instead of the 450x330 image. This mean that you don't have to click on several images to view the original image. I hope that you like this change in the gallery section. As obama says, Its time for change! icon wink Its time for change!

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