nokian79 03 Fresh new Nokia N79 pictures

nokian79 10 Fresh new Nokia N79 pictures

nokian79 07 Fresh new Nokia N79 pictures

Here are yet more new pictures of the Nokia N79

About Nokia N79

Nokia N79 is a multimedia phone with 5-megapixel camera, N-Gage gaming platform, 3.5mm jack, stereo speakers, stereo Bluetooth, FM transmitter and radio. It is a Symbian S60 smartphone with 2.4” display showing up to 16 million colors.

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post 310760 1224901441 Symbian Application: nWhip post 310760 1224901453 Symbian Application: nWhip

This python application was created with inspiration from nGun

How to use:
* Quickly flick the phone (in sort of a whipping motion) to 'whip' the person or object it is pointing at. You'll get the idea

Install Notes:
* Latest Python and megapymodulepack must be installed.
* This is unsigned so you must self-sign or have a hacked phone.

NEW in 0.2:
* Shorter WAVE file so that 'whipping' can be done quicker in succession.

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sonyericsson c905 03 Unboxing Pictures: Sony Ericsson C905

sonyericsson c905 18 Unboxing Pictures: Sony Ericsson C905

Finally the Sony Ericsson C905 is out in Sweden! Now this is how a phone should look like! to shame that it isnt a smartphone icon wink Unboxing Pictures: Sony Ericsson C905

About Sony Ericsson C905

The C905 Cyber-shot is a HSDPA slider-format phone featuring a 8.1 megapixel camera with face detection, Xenon flash, auto focus, horizontal camera UI and illuminated icons for settings shortcuts. The C905 also features a 320x240 pixel 262K TFT QVGA display, 160MB internal memory, Wi-Fi, GPS and a DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) server to connect to compatible devices.

The C905 is the first phone to feature Sony Ericsson's Project Capuchin bridging technology and belongs to the JP-8.4 sub-category which is differentiated from previous JP-8 sub-categories by including the Project Capuchin API.

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luxury plain by blueray1 Symbian Free Themes #53   Luxury Plain by BlueRay

Luxury Plain by BlueRay

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nokia n82 black vs nokia n95 8gb 01 Pictures: Nokia N95 8gb VS Nokia N82 Black

nokia n82 black vs nokia n95 8gb 101 Pictures: Nokia N95 8gb VS Nokia N82 Black

About Nokia N95 8gb

The N95 8GB drastically increases the memory of the standard N95 but keeps its functionality, including quad-band GSM with UMTS/HSDPA, WiFi, GPS and 5-megapixel camera. It also increases the display size from 2.6 to 2.8 inches and redesigns the music keyboard not to be flat.

About Nokia N82

Nokia N82 is a high-end quad-band GSM cameraphone with 5-megapixel resolution, auto-focus, Xenon flash and Carl Zeiss lens. It features WiFi, GPS, microSD slot for memory and runs Symbian 9.2 S60.

Thx to Centrinos for the pics

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Here is a hands-on video of the T-Mobile G1

Sony Ericsson is launching a limited edition Titanium silver C902 Cyber-shot TM phone as used by James Bond in the eagerly awaited QUANTUM OF SOLACE which will be released worldwide November 2008. The new mobile phone will make sure you are ready for any challenge, immersing you into the world of a secret agent with interactive 007 content and a spy-style game.

Sony Ericsson is excited to unveil an exclusive partnership between the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures/Columbia Pictures release of EON Productions' 22nd James Bond adventure, QUANTUM OF SOLACE, and the C902 Titanium silver edition. The phone, as used by James Bond - played by actor Daniel Craig in the new film - will be available for a limited period and include a memory card loaded with a host of 007 content.

Users will get the chance to know exactly what it takes to be a secret agent like James Bond with the first level* of an exclusive pre-loaded spy-style game. In addition, the full colour trailer of the film, behind-the-scenes interviews with the stars and exclusive content such as wallpapers and screen savers will be available on the phone and the memory card.

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