iPhone 2G vs iPhone 3G speaker test

dsc02300 Sony Ericsson Fengdsc02298 Sony Ericsson Fengdsc02301 Sony Ericsson Feng

Here are some photos of the Sony Ericsson Feng from SE4m forums.The model number of Feng is W302. It appears to be the Walman model of the S302.It looks pretty much like the W890 and is a Walkman device. The phone is expected to be announced on July 22nd. It features a 2 Megapixel camera and a screen resolution of 176*220. Other specifications are unknown.

iphone 3g 07 500x325 Apple iPhone 3G Pictures

iphone 3g 10 Apple iPhone 3G Pictures

Here are a few pictures of the new Apple iPhone 3G. oh btw, i got my iphone 3g yesterday and ill try to upload some unboxing pictures tomorrow if i get the time. I must tell you guys that i really dont like the iphone. I dont get whats to "speciall" about this phone, and whats really annoys me is that i cannot forward a fricking sms or typ a sms in landscape mode, The 3G receptions sucks big time since ill get only 1 bar (i always has full bars on my Nokia N95-1 and other phones). well i can make the list long icon wink Apple iPhone 3G Pictures Enjoy the pics icon smile Apple iPhone 3G Pictures

thx to RussPath03 for the pixs

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Ronen Halevy from BerryReview has posted some spy pics of the upcoming Javelin.
P.S. The back of the device reminds me of the back of the first iPhone icon smile BlackBerry Javelin pictures

sonyericsson w350 white10 Pictures: Sony Ericsson W350 White

sonyericsson w350 white03 Pictures: Sony Ericsson W350 White

Here are some pictures of the white Sony Ericsson W350. Enjoy! thx to alastiar for the pics.

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Video review of HTC Diamond by Shiny tech tv.

dsc02294 Sony Ericsson Remidsc02290 Sony Ericsson Remi

Here are some more photos of the Sony Ericsson Remi from SE4m forums. The Remi is said to be the updated version of the T610.

It looks very similar to the T610. Its codename is Remi. It is based on the W890 hardware platform. The thickness is about 10mm, 10.5cm long and 4.7cm wide. The body seems to be made out of aluminium.

It has a 3.2MP camera but lacks autofocus.

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Ryan Block over at Engadget mobile has reviewed the new iPhone 3G. You can read the review with a lot of photos and video here

If you're an avid Symbian, BlackBerry, or Windows Mobile / Exchange user, chances are you might think the iPhone 3G is Apple playing catch-up -- and you're not wrong. 3G, GPS, third party apps, enterprise messaging, these are all old hat. But even the would-be iPhone killers being churned out weekly haven't yet found a way to counter the iPhone's usability and seamless integration of service and software, desktop and mobile, and media and internet.
There are always things that could be improved, features to be added, fixes that should be applied -- but from first to second gen, from year one to year two, Apple has proven itself a relentless upstart in the mobile space, and is showing no signs of slowing down. All those new features give the iPhone even more appeal than ever, but the price is what really seals the deal.
For our money, you're going to have a hard time finding a better device for two hundred bucks -- or maybe even for any price. But that doesn't mean you ought to toss your original iPhone, either. With the release of iPhone 2.0, Apple's given early adopters every possible new feature for free, meaning the iPhone 3G's biggest roadblock to adoption in the US may be its still very worthy predecessor. But as Steve says, "If anybody is going to cannibalize us, I want it to be us." As for the rest of the world? Things are about to get interesting.

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