xmqwoe0tp3jxtb3wotbs Sony Ericsson Patti

A picture recently posted by prudent over at Esato Forums shows the Sony Ericsson "Patti" which is said to be the much awaited successor of the W800/W810. Not much is known about the phone but it is known to have a 5MP camera with Autofocus and is the first Walkman phone after the W610 to have an Autofocus camera.

htc diamond01 HTC Diamond unboxing pictures

htc diamond25 HTC Diamond unboxing pictures

Got my hands on a HTC Diamond today for a short time and here are some unboxing pictures for you guys. Sorry for the bad quality pics, I have a Nokia N78 now with a crappy 3mp camera icon wink HTC Diamond unboxing pictures Enjoy!


oh yeah, almost forgot to mention that a friend of mine at work and i recorded a video of the HTC diamond, dont take this video to seriously since its mostly a joke icon smile HTC Diamond unboxing pictures

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emozelogo Java Application: Emoze announces JavaME based application

Simple, stylish and useable,
emoze has added swivel-screens, cool theming and animated screen
transitions as some of the new benefits offered to mobile users, along with
extending its consumer push-mobile solution to over 800 mobile handsets
using the newest Java technology.

The first in the world to use the not-yet-released Lwuit technology in
push communication, it offers users a preferred web-like view of email,
calendar contacts and soon social networking applications. Java-users will
also benefit from this advance in emoze technology as it is now available
to many more mobile handsets (and no longer simply for smartphones.)

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mobile phone250 Global consumer survey reveals that majority of old mobile phones are lying in drawers at home and not being recycled

Only 3% of people recycle their mobile phones despite the fact that most have old devices lying around at home that they no longer want, according to a global consumer survey released by Nokia today. Three out of every four people added that they don't even think about recycling their devices and nearly half were unaware that it is even possible to do so.

The survey is based on interviews with 6,500 people in 13 countries including Finland, Germany, Italy, Russia, Sweden, UK, United Arab Emirates, USA, Nigeria, India, China, Indonesia and Brazil. It was conducted to help Nokia find out more about consumers' attitudes and behaviors towards recycling, and inform the company's take-back programs and efforts to increase recycling rates of unused mobile devices.

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home Symbian Application: New apps by Dr.Jukka

One of our favourite application creators, Dr. Jukka Silvennoinen, has just given a facelift to his website and also unveiled three new applications. Theme Scheduler, Profile Scheduler and Y - Fake SMS .All these applications are still in Alpha stage and can be downloaded from Dr. Jukka's website www.drjukka.com.

tat logo TATs Kastor finally coming to S60

There was much rumour going on about TAT's fancy and advanced eye catching UI, Kastor, coming to S60. And now, finally TAT has released a press release confirming this. Let's hope this won't be just another press release.

Read the press release here:http://tat.se/news/2008/07/07/s60


Yet another Nokia E71 unboxing video icon smile Nokia E71 unboxing video Enjoy!

u800 Samsung U800 Soul review

Mobile Review reviews the Samsung U800 Soul. You can find the review here

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