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opinion 201x375 Google Opinion Rewards expands Google Play credits program to UK, Canada, and Australia

Google today announced that Google Opinion Rewards, the brief survey app that it launched last year as a US exclusive, is expanding to more countries today. Why should you care about surveys? Well, because answering them leads to rewards that can get you free apps, games, and other content from Google Play. Read More »

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bbm BBM Voice and BBM Channels added for Android and iPhone

BlackBerry Messenger has been updated to support two new important features, including the ability to make free voice calls on Android and iPhone devices. Now anyone with an Android, BlackBerry, or iPhone can place free voice calls to other BBM users provided they have Wi-Fi, which offers the best connection, or a strong data collection. Read More »

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themer Apple complaint about Themer gets the app pulled from Google Play

The folks over in our Post Your Android Home Screenshot thread often share impressive setups for their launchers. Themer, an app designed to use advanced home screens, is at the moment not something that can feature in the thread because Apple complained about the app and got it removed from Google Play. Read More »

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image001 BlackBerry makes it easer to find your friends using BBM

One of the biggest problems with BlackBerry Messenger, aside from convincing friends and family to use the cross-platform messaging client, is the awkward process to connect with others. BlackBerry has announced a fix for that problem by releasing a Find Friends feature for Android and iPhone that makes it easier to link up with other BBM users that you know. Read More »

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lifetimes 469x375 Samsung Life Times app will bring new logging and diary replacement to Story Album

With the release of each new flagship smartphone, Samsung unveils a new Android app or two. One of the apps expected to appear alongside the Galaxy S5 will be Life Times, a new app that logs various activities and aggregates them into one place. That includes photos, videos, locations, text messages, and even updates from your social network. Is that something that will interest people? Read More »

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LG Optimus G Pro 500x303 LG moves towards letting any app be a QSlide mini app

QSlide featured prominently in every review of LG Android devices released in 2013, but the feature that allows users to have minimized versions of apps for multitasking has so far been limited to LG's core apps. A new developer kit makes it possible for third parties to support QSlide. Read More »

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minuum Minuum may be the smallest touchscreen keyboard youll use on a smart watch

One of the big selling points of a smart watch is that it's supposed to free you from constantly checking your phone, but many people inevitably have to reach for their phones because they need to respond to the notifications that appear on the watch. Minuum has devised a way to keep a phone in a pocket or purse a little longer because it built a keyboard for the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Look at the video below to see how it operates.

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google chrome data 416x375 Chrome for Android and iPhone will cut down on data usage

If you're having a hard time sticking within the confines of your carrier's monthly data limits, it might soon be time to make the switch to Google Chrome for Android or iOS. Both versions of the browser are about to add a data compression tool that decreases the amount of data transferred during browsing sessions, and that compression can offer bandwidth savings of up to 50 percent. Read More »

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