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hangouts widget Hangouts widget shows messages on the home screen

Google wants Hangouts to be the replacement app for text messages on stock Android, but the integrated messaging app doesn’t include a widget to showcase correspondence on the home screen. That has changed with the release of a new unofficial Hangouts Widget that fixes Google’s oversight. For the small portion of Android users that prefer to have their messages appear in widgets, this works with a few shortcomings. Read More »

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allcast AllCast streams your Android content to Apple TV, Xbox, Roku, and DLNA

If you've ever felt the urge to stream video from your smartphone to the TV, there’s a new app for Android that makes it fairly easy to have your local content played on an Internet-capable television or set-top box. Apple TV, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Samsung Smart TVs, Panasonic Smart TVs, Google TV, and DLNA Renderers are all compatible. Read More »

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bbm logo 05 2013 560x292 500x260 BBM gained 40 million users by adding Android and iOS

Prior to the launch of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) on Android and iPhone, the messaging client last reported having 60 million active users. Since then, an additional 40 million active users have been added directly because of Android/iOS users. Has BlackBerry planted the seeds to make people switch? Read More »

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spotify galaxy tab Spotify expands to 20 new countries, now free on Android and iOS

Spotify is now free on mobile; well, kind of free. The latest version of the music streaming service removes the need to have a $9.99 monthly premium subscription to listen to anything other than Spotify Radio on a mobile device. However, there are still some rules that make a Spotify Premium account still worth having for some users. Read More »

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angry birds Angry Birds Go! is like Mario Kart meets Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a massive mobile gaming empire that expanded today with the release of a new racing game for Android and iOS. Angry Birds Go! changes the format of the game that previously asked users to crush its pig enemies with catapulting birds. Now, the game merely asks that players outrace the competition, birds and pigs alike, in a 3D racing game. Read More »

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fifa Follow todays FIFA World Cup Draw with the official FIFA app

In a few hours, the FIFA World Cup Draw will take place and tell football/soccer fans where the groups where their beloved national teams will play in the World Cup. If you can’t be near a television to see the draw take place, or if you just want to have some extra information while you wait, try out this app. Read More »

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vsco VSCO Cam for Android   hands on with a better photography app

Apple iPhone users know VSCO Cam as their preferred camera app thanks to its unique settings and wealth of preset editing tricks. Android users will soon know it as the latest in a long line of popular photography apps that have arrived to improve the photo-taking powers of their Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, Nexus 5, or other phone. VSCO Cam for Android launched today and it offers many, though not all, of the benefits seen on the iPhone version. Even without the split focus option, there’s still solid focus indicators, plenty of filters, and the ability to upgrade the artistry of cell phone snapshots. A hands-on video and download links are available after the break.

Download VSCO (Android 4.0 or later)

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android apps Android and iPhone apps go on sale for Black Friday

Black Friday marks the day that millions of shoppers crowd malls to get big discounts on clothes, electronics, toys, and gifts for others - or themselves - but you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home to get big discounts on apps. Here’s a list of Android and iPhone apps that are on sale for a limited time. Read More »

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