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honor box 500x269 The Beast Comes Home:  Huawei Honor X1 First Impressions

At Mobile World Congress, Huawei announced a few new devices but none grabbed my attention more than the 7-inch -- that's right, I said 7-inch -- Honor X1 smartphone. While I still don't know if it's a large phone or simply a tablet that makes phone call,s I do know that it's now mine. (Thanks eBay!)  I have used it as my daily driver for a few days, not long enough for a full review, but long enough to have few thoughts... Read More »

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aira 500x226 Googles Modular SmartPhone Ara Finally Gets a Release Date

Google has been working on it's build-your-own modular device called "Project Ara" for a while now with no clear indication of when the public will actually be able to get their hands it. Now Google has given us a timeline....sort of.
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galaxy gear phones Samsung Gear devices now compatible with 20 Galaxy smartphones and tablets

Does the Gear work with my phone? Probably. The Samsung Galaxy Gear supported only one phone, the Galaxy Note 3, when it launched last year. Now it works with several more devices, and so do its successors the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and Gear Fit. Samsung today released an infographic showing which phones and tablets can be connected to its Bluetooth watches to route notifications, answer phone calls, and track fitness. Here's a list of the included devices: Read More »

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galaxy s5 Samsung Galaxy S5 Download Booster hidden by some carriers but it should arrive later

One of the better features introduced by the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the ability for the phone to accelerate download speeds of files larger than 30MB using a mix of Wi-Fi and LTE. Sadly, AT&T and Verizon models of the phone do not have this option, but only because those carriers have elected to hide Download Booster. You don't need to worry for long, though. Read More »

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bgr a phone 1 500x265 Amazon smartphone prototype leaks

Amazon entered the ereader business several years ago with the Kindle, then got into tablets with the Kindle Fire, and even jumped into the set-top box game with Fire TV. Now the company's heading towards smartphones based on newly-leaked photos of a prototype Android phone Amazon is reportedly developing. Read More »

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oneplus1 500x375 Camera samples from Oppo offshoot OnePlus appear and are not bad at all

You may not be familiar with OnePlus, but it's a company started by a former Oppo employee who wanted to build a better phone with help from CyanogenMod. The debut OnePlus One phone is launching later this month, and supposed photo samples of the device have appeared online. Is the camera any good? Yes, as you can tell from some of the photos below. Read More »

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glass 500x333 Google Glass can be purchased by anyone in the US April 15

If you're looking for something to purchase with your income tax return, joining the Google Glass Explorers program might be in the cards. Google today announced that it will have a limited one-day open invitation to anyone who wants to purchase the wearable computer. Well, anyone in the United States. It's a tall order to pony up $1,500 for Glass, but Google is throwing in a nice bonus... Read More »

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lifelog Sony launches Lifelog app to track wearables, phone activities, and daily life

Sony has launched its Lifelog application that works with the fitness and activity tracking platform known as SmartWear. The Lifelog app serves as the monitoring tool for the Sony Core wearable that we profiled at CES 2014. A user can wear Core inside of a SmartBand to track sleep periods and measurable like pace and duration of physical exercises. All of that information is then fed into Lifelog for long term health monitoring.  Read More »

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