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office android Android and iPhone versions of Office Mobile now free

The Microsoft Office for iPad app debuted today. It's a big story that you can read more about here. A potentially bigger story on smaller screens, especially for those of you who aren't iPad owners, is that Microsoft today announced that the Office Mobile apps for Android and iOS are now completely free - no subscription required. Read More »

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image001 BlackBerry makes it easer to find your friends using BBM

One of the biggest problems with BlackBerry Messenger, aside from convincing friends and family to use the cross-platform messaging client, is the awkward process to connect with others. BlackBerry has announced a fix for that problem by releasing a Find Friends feature for Android and iPhone that makes it easier to link up with other BBM users that you know. Read More »

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lifetimes 469x375 Samsung Life Times app will bring new logging and diary replacement to Story Album

With the release of each new flagship smartphone, Samsung unveils a new Android app or two. One of the apps expected to appear alongside the Galaxy S5 will be Life Times, a new app that logs various activities and aggregates them into one place. That includes photos, videos, locations, text messages, and even updates from your social network. Is that something that will interest people? Read More »

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path app 500x243 Official Path App Now on Windows Phone

Path is a very popular app for both iOS and Android and it's now available on Windows Phone. Path is another social network with a twist because it's more private and you are not sharing your posts with everyone only the people you choose. It's a smaller social circle rather than a huge network, and you can now connect on your Windows device. Read More »

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symbian Symbian and MeeGo Store Support Officially Gone

I knew it was coming and yet I was still caught a little off guard when I read that there will officially be no more updates to any apps or games going forward in the Symbian or MeeGo store. Last year, Nokia announced that no new apps would be accepted or updates be able to applied to existing apps, after 31st December 2013. This was confirmed by Nokia's Symbian support team Via Twitter. Read More »

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snapchat 500x281 Snapchat security blunder exposes 4.6 million names and phone numbers

Snapchat has been embarrassed today by the release of a database containing the user names and phone numbers of 4.6 million users in North America. One would think that a company built on the premise of non-permanence would do a better job of respecting privacy, but a major mistake has exposed plenty of private information. Read More »

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allcast AllCast streams your Android content to Apple TV, Xbox, Roku, and DLNA

If you've ever felt the urge to stream video from your smartphone to the TV, there’s a new app for Android that makes it fairly easy to have your local content played on an Internet-capable television or set-top box. Apple TV, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Samsung Smart TVs, Panasonic Smart TVs, Google TV, and DLNA Renderers are all compatible. Read More »

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bbm logo 05 2013 560x292 500x260 BBM gained 40 million users by adding Android and iOS

Prior to the launch of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) on Android and iPhone, the messaging client last reported having 60 million active users. Since then, an additional 40 million active users have been added directly because of Android/iOS users. Has BlackBerry planted the seeds to make people switch? Read More »

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