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blackberry classic 500x291 BlackBerry Classic (Q20) launches in November, says CEO

BlackBerry loyalists will have a long wait until the next time they are able to upgrade to a new smartphone. CEO John Chen revealed in an interview with Maria Bartiromo of USA Today that a new BlackBerry smartphone with a portrait QWERTY keyboard will go on sale in November. That's a mighty long wait for a phone that's supposed to resurrect BlackBerry. Read More »

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BlackBerryQ5 BlackBerry tires of leaks, takes legal action against leakers

HTC isn't the only company doing a terrible job of keeping its products under wraps. BlackBerry has also suffered some recent leaks about its product pipeline, and the premature release of information has moved the company to take action by seeking legal punishment for the person who leaked the information. Read More »

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onedrive blackberry OneDrive cloud connection makes its way to BlackBerry 10

Funny thing about this cloud service trend; it's designed to let us upload and access data anywhere, but not all cloud storage providers make their services easily available on all mobile platforms. Microsoft's OneDrive has previously been supported only on Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone, but with today's release of Connect to Microsoft OneDrive, BlackBerry 10 users can store their cloud apps as reliably as people on other platforms. Read More »

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bbm BBM Voice and BBM Channels added for Android and iPhone

BlackBerry Messenger has been updated to support two new important features, including the ability to make free voice calls on Android and iPhone devices. Now anyone with an Android, BlackBerry, or iPhone can place free voice calls to other BBM users provided they have Wi-Fi, which offers the best connection, or a strong data collection. Read More »

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image001 BlackBerry makes it easer to find your friends using BBM

One of the biggest problems with BlackBerry Messenger, aside from convincing friends and family to use the cross-platform messaging client, is the awkward process to connect with others. BlackBerry has announced a fix for that problem by releasing a Find Friends feature for Android and iPhone that makes it easier to link up with other BBM users that you know. Read More »

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BlackBerry Z10 Q10 BlackBerry 10.2 now available with FM Radio, lock screen actions, and picture passwords

BlackBerry has released version 10.2.1 of its BlackBerry 10 operating system, adding "hundreds of new enhancements" designed to make the software more useful and faster. The update is rolling out to users today, but availability will vary because it's subject to carrier approval. That means someone with an unlocked phone should easily be able to download BB10 version 10.2.1 on an unlocked phone in Europe, but someone with a carrier-tied device in the US may have to wait a little bit longer. You can check for an update by going to Settings > Software Updates. In the meantime, here's a highlight of what's new. Read More »

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BlackBerry Z10 Q10 BlackBerry’s next important smartphone won’t have a keyboard even though its likely buyers want one

BlackBerry announced weeks ago that it will partner with Foxconn to manufacture its “Jakarta” smartphone that it is designed to sell in Indonesia and Asia, the few markets where BlackBerry is still among the most popular devices. However, the phone is rumored to remove a core component that makes the device popular - the keyboard. Read More »

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bbm logo 05 2013 560x292 500x260 LG Android Devices to Come With BlackBerry Messenger

While BlackBerry's devices themselves are not doing so well their other services continue to thrive and be stay in demand.  One of the most popular of those services is BlackBerry Messenger, it was recently introduced into the Play Store for Android devices and now this service will be preloaded on some LG Android devices. Read More »

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