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opinion 201x375 Google Opinion Rewards expands Google Play credits program to UK, Canada, and Australia

Google today announced that Google Opinion Rewards, the brief survey app that it launched last year as a US exclusive, is expanding to more countries today. Why should you care about surveys? Well, because answering them leads to rewards that can get you free apps, games, and other content from Google Play. Read More »

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moto g Moto G Google Play Edition now on sale

Not content to merely announce that the Moto X is coming to Europe, Google today also revealed that low-cost Moto G now comes in a Google Play Edition, which is on sale now. So what exactly makes the Google Play Edition different from the standard Moto G already on sale? Motorola has eroded most of its heavy skin overlay UI overlay since Google acquired the company, so the only real differences between Moto devices and stock Android come in the camera and some added applications for voice interaction. Read More »

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micro sd card in cell phone 500x321 Google Play Music Now Stores Cache Music on Your SD Card

One of the things I love about the Android OS is just how well it plays with Micro SD cards and now it's about to get even better. Google has announced that Google Play Music will now be able to "store cached or pinned music on external storage." This means no more wasting your limited internal memory on your Google Play Music offline files. Read More »

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android apps Android and iPhone apps go on sale for Black Friday

Black Friday marks the day that millions of shoppers crowd malls to get big discounts on clothes, electronics, toys, and gifts for others - or themselves - but you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home to get big discounts on apps. Here’s a list of Android and iPhone apps that are on sale for a limited time. Read More »

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tablets google play 500x352 Google Play now shows tablet app section by default

It might sound crazy when you think about it, but Google Play hasn’t had its tablet section as the default view when someone goes into the Android app store. One would think that a tablet user looking for apps would prefer that Google show tablet-designed apps first, but that hasn’t been the case until a new changed enacted yesterday. Read More »

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google glass Google Glass adding music support and wait list to join Explorer program

My biggest regret about attending Google I/O two years ago is that I didn’t sign-up for the Google Glass Explorer program because I didn’t want to spend so much money at the time. Now I have the money but have to wait until Google approves me to join the Glass Explorer Program. Thankfully, Google’s expanding availability and adding new features. Read More »

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vodafone 385x185 372884a Vodafone removes carrier billing option from Google Play

Millions of Android users have the opting of buying apps and having the cost added to their monthly bill rather than paying with a credit card, but that payment method is no longer available to Vodafone customers in a few western European markets. There’s no explanation provided for the disappearance, other than confirmation that it was purposely removed, so what’s going on? Read More »

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Google Play logo Android App Watch Nov. 6: Cover, SwiftKey, Swype, Dead Trigger 2

While everyone is going wild over the Nexus 5, plenty of people out there are still using their existing smartphones and are content with those devices. However, they probably wouldn’t mind getting a little excitement courtesy of a few new apps. Here are some new and updated apps worth downloading.

Read More »

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