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sense 6 HTC details Sense 6.0 update status for HTC One

The HTC One update page in recent months have provided us an exhaustive look at the way that HTC gets new firmware to its existing phones and showing the status of Android 4.4 KitKat to its phones promised to be updated. That includes the HTC One, One mini, and One Max, which have all been updated on most carriers. Now that same update page is pointing out when you'll be able to see the great new features of Sense 6.0. Read More »

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Dual Flash 500x245 HTC wants to own the selfie, so it needs to put a front facing flash on the next phone

The HTC One M8 has a fantastic front-facing camera. It produces 5-megapixel images, nearly twice as large as other models, and takes HDR photos. It does nearly everything that someone might want in a front camera except have a flash. HTC says that it wants "own the selfie market," and if that's the case, the most sensible way to make that happen is to put a flash on the front of the smartphone. Read More »

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bokeh2 382x375 HTC One M8 SDK opens up dual camera feature to developers

The HTC One M8 ships with two cameras, which come in handy for software tricks meant to defocus areas of a photo to highlight the foreground or background. It's a popular DSLR effect that more smartphone makers have been incorporating, including Nokia, and HTC is now letting independent developers access its two-camera solution on the One M8. Read More »

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htc one m8 wp 8.1 mockup 578x3691 Rumor: HTC One M8 WP8 Coming?

Last year when the HTC One came out, there was a rumor that there was a Windows Phone version of the One coming. It did not. Now with the "HTC One M8" here, there are some fresh rumors of the same thing happening this year. However, this time WPDang, a Chinese Windows Phone blog, claims to have some proof of this.

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HTC One BlinkFeed e1363080714175 500x273 HTCs Blink Feed Coming to Play Store

HTC's BlinkFeed is a huge part of their Sense UI and has drawn praise from some and absolute disdain from others. Now it seems that HTC is going to push out a Play Store app for all Android users to try out, not just those with HTC phones. Read More »

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one m8 hands The HTC One M8 specs announced with everything we expected

We can finally stop waiting around for speculation and rumors. The HTC One M8 has today been officially announced as the successor to HTC's highest selling phone of all time. Composed of a gun metal finish, the phone follows the trend of premium feel and adds new features like a dual-camera, more efficient battery life, and better performance. Read More »

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HTC One 2 M8 Dual 500x370 Heres why the HTC One has two cameras

Based on previous leaks that we've seen, it's obvious that the All New HTC One (HTC M8) has two cameras. The last time HTC had a smartphone with two cameras was the EVO 3D, and that wasn't exactly the greatest phone to ever hit the market. Don't worry about HTC repeating its mistakes because the dual cameras, or HTC Duo, have more practical appearances. Take a look at this leaked sales sheet from Telstra that offers some clues about why the HTC One has two cameras. Read More »

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xperiaz2 htc one Sony Xperia Z2 vs. HTC One clash tries to find the best smartphone speakers

HTC BoomSound introduced a welcome change of pace for smartphone speakers. The dual-front-facing speakers on the HTC One were significantly better for listening to music, but BoomSound is no longer the only game in town. The recently announced Sony Xperia Z2 also offers high-quality speakers with its S-Force Front Surround audio. Does the Xperia Z2 have better speakers than the HTC One? Read More »

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