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rumors rumors large Rumors:  new LG Smartwatch and iPhone 6 photos appear online

If the rumors are true we just got two pictures of two separate new from Apple the iPhone 6 and one from LG, the LG G Watch. The iPhone is rumored to be a "prototype dummy" and the LG G Watch picture is a confirmed photo that comes directly from the LG themselves.

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lgg3 1 210x375 LG G3 alleged screenshot shows alleged 2K resolution lgg3 2 210x375 LG G3 alleged screenshot shows alleged 2K resolution

It has been suggested that the LG G3 will be the first smartphone to introduce 2K displays in smartphones. Also known as QHD or Quad HD, the 2560x1440 resolution would be the most pixel-packed display seen on a smartphone if it really appears on the LG G3. A leaked screenshot supposedly from the G3 appears to show just how dense that could be. Read More »

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LGwtf 500x291 Things You Cant Unsee: This Ad for the LG G Flex

While I am not a huge fan of the LG G Flex I can see and appreciate it's beauty. From the huge curved display to the self healing plasti and innovative "buttons on the back" design there, are a lot of great features to run with on an advertising campaign. So which one of these awesome features did LG go with? Read More »

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lg mini 1 500x206 LG shows off G2 Mini in new teaser

LG is today continuing the trend of announcing phones before its Mobile World Congress event taking place later this month. It's not a full announcement of specs and features, but the company has confirmed that a smaller version of the G2, appropriately named the LG G2 Mini, will debut later this month. The company posted an image of items that have a smaller version in pink, including sneakers, starfish, and cupcakes. Then the last image shows the G2 Mini with a hint of pink. Read More »

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lg camera ois LG promises G Pro 2 camera will be even better with OIS+

Optical image stabilization is an important piece of hardware that made the LG G2 take photos with less blur. The camera component minimized movements to take sharper photos and improve low-light images with the help of some software tweaks. LG now says that its next phone will do an even better job with "OIS plus" technology. Read More »

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g pro 2 b 500x285 LG G Pro 2 photos appear online

The image that you see above just may be the LG G Pro 2, the follow-up to last year's Optimus G Pro that LG confirmed will be announced next month. The image looks a little dubious as if it's a 3D render rather than an actual photo, but if it's real, the image gives us a clear look that LG is serious about this buttons on the back thing. Read More »

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LG Optimus G Pro 500x303 LG moves towards letting any app be a QSlide mini app

QSlide featured prominently in every review of LG Android devices released in 2013, but the feature that allows users to have minimized versions of apps for multitasking has so far been limited to LG's core apps. A new developer kit makes it possible for third parties to support QSlide. Read More »

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LGG23 LG G3 may add fingerprint scanner like Apple iPhone and HTC One Max

As Apple and HTC move, so goes LG, according to new rumors out of South Korea. The Korea Herald has it on good authority from its sources that LG is testing a fingerprint scanner to be included in its next smartphone, the LG G3. LG recently decided to include the sensor as a way to unlock the device and add shortcuts. The feature is already in testing and may appear on the phone set to be announced in February alongside some other features you may have seen before. Read More »

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